Ranking well on an app marketplace is not an easy task. There are a lot of optimizations that have to be done in order for your app to be discoverable. In addition, you will need to make sure that your app adheres to the guidelines set by the app store in order to rank highly. This is even more important with the large number of apps flooding app markets. Optimizing your app to rank higher will result into more downloads, more purchases, customer engagement and general success of your app.

Many of the app downloads take place when the user searches for apps. This means that you should track the ranking and performance of your app for all the keywords related your app. App store ranking combines the task of ranking your app using dozens or even hundreds of keywords. There are some factors that really determine the ranking of your app. These mainly relate to app store rank optimization using the right keywords.

For an app to rank highly in the app store, the usage of keywords in the app title, app description and the keyword tags should be optimized.

Other factors that will determine the app store ranking for your app include:

  1. Click through rate
  2. Usage weight: this is the average usage frequency inside the app
  3. Rate of app discards: average lifetime of the app on a device
  4. Downloads: the number of downloads for the app
  5. Reviews: the average score given by users reviewing the app
  6. App updates: the freshness of the app and whether new features are being rolled out

All these are very crucial when determining the rank of an app and can help you to determine whether your app is optimized for success or not. There are some things which can be done in order to improve the app store ranking for your app.

These include:

  1. The keywords should be incorporated into the title and the description in a natural and human readable manner
  2. Make use of push notifications in order to ensure a higher usage rate of the app.
  3. Keep the application in constant use by integrating things such as social media sharing. This will give the app users a reason to use the app more since they can share with their friends.
  4. Offer power users an opportunity to review your app. An opportunity to rate your app can give the ambassador a platform to market your app for you
  5. Incorporate traditional PR in order to increase the number of downloads
  6. Use event tracking to improve the user experience
  7. Make use of the open graph in order to spread the word all over
  8. Make sure your app is the best in terms of new features and usability
  9. Try to  buy app downloads during first 3 months.

These tips can go a long way to improving your app store rankings and even possibly get you featured on the app store. The level of success or failure in app store ranking is mainly determined by the quality experience of your users and you should always strive to make it the best.