In the article, “Flash Video Not Welcomed on Apple’s iPad”, both sides of the on-going verbal jousting match between Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs and Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch were presented, but a clear winner is yet to be determined. For the sake of the average consumer, one can only hope that Apple and Adobe will find a way to resolve their differences and make a rational compromise. At the moment, many apple addicts are left dazed and confused by this recent clash of the Technology Titans.

Run That By Me Again…

From a layman’s point of view, it appears that Apple has a new toy (the iPad) and it doesn’t want to share it with Adobe, because Apple feels like Adobe’s Flash is an archaic bully that doesn’t play fairly. As childish as this scenario sounds, the simple fact remains that there is a lot of finger pointing going on between the opposing companies, but no one appears to be making an effort to solve the problem.

Who’s Side is Wired magazine On, Anyway?

In an apparent rush to join the iPad’s media parade, Wired magazine recently released a video that demonstrates their amazing new digital version of their magazine that was actually developed with Adobe’s AIR technology. Is Wired Magazine playing both sides of the fence? Or are they trying to force Adobe and Apple to call a truce?
Any answer would be pure speculation at this point, but time will definitely tell. For now, the industry outsiders are left to ponder the possibilities. With that being said, it is only fair to mention a few companies who are making a valiant effort to simplify the process of submitting a digital publication app for the iPad: One such company is Mobile Roadie.

Mobile Roadie Makes iPad Apps Simple

Mobile Roadie’s primary focus has been the development of iPhone apps geared towards the promotion of musicians and entertainers, but in a recent interview with TechZulu, Mobile Rodie’s CEO, Michael Schneider stated that the company has began developing digital publication reader apps. Schneider also added that they will assist publications in navigating Apple’s rigorous application approval process. There is certain to be a minimum standard of acceptance set by Mobile Roadie, but Mobile Roadie is an emerging new company that seems to have a “come one, come all” attitude.

PixelMags Has an Unbelievable Offer for Potential Digital Publishers

Another seemingly “too good to be true” iPad digital publication app developer is PixelMags. Amazingly, PixelMags is offering it’s customer a Custom-made app icon, app page store design, submission to the app store, hosting, payment processing, user statistics and data management…All for free! Undoubtedly, the company is poised to share a portion of the profits generated from any of the apps hosted by PixelMags, but their business model offers small businesses and individuals unprecedented access to the iPad’s new digital publishing frontier.

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