Thanks to Apple, 2018 marked a revolution in the field of mobile applications and technology in general. Apple has vastly updated the App Store and has made available to developers unique tools for creating applications using augmented reality, whose potential has only just begun to unfold. However, in addition to applications with augmented reality over the past 12 months in the App Store, many cool applications have come out. But a lot of users still don’t know the whole potential of iPad apps now.

Now, thanks to apps for iPad you can create incredible animations, videos or presentations. Play cool games or just watch movies or read books. In this block, we are going to talk about various applications just for iPad. And the first one is iBooks App.

The iBooks App for your iPad

The iBooks App is not installed into the Apple iPad OS. Instead, it appears in the iTunes App Store as a free download. iPad owners who choose to launch the ebook reader application receives a preloaded “Winnie the Pooh” book.

Features of the iBooks App

The iBooks eReader Application offers both reading and shopping experience. On the main menu screen are two icons. The iBook icon on the right leads to the owner’s personal library; the button on the left opens up to the iBooks Store.

The iBook App displays the titles of the books in the iPad owner’s library on a real-looking wooden bookshelf. To read a book, one simply taps the selected book.

Tthe iPad offers 9.7-inch screen real estate – bigger than a typical paperback. The iBooks App can render not only black and white texts, but also colored photos, graphs, illustrations, and images. Because it supports color, the iPad easily stays true to the world of graphic novels, photography books, cookbooks, glossy magazines, and newspapers.

Pages can be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation, in one column or two. Tapping the right edge of the book turns the page to the next; tapping the left edge brings to the previous page. There are 10 font sizes to choose from.

The Apple iBooks Store

The iBooks eReader App is an open system. It uses the industry-standard ePub format instead of a proprietary Apple text format. This makes iBooks compatible with a variety of platforms including Sony Reader.
The iBooks Store offers both paid and free content. Paid content is around 60,000, with titles from five of North America’s largest publishers: Collins, Harper, Macmillan, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster. The bookstore can be browsed by category, easily narrowing one’s search into authors, bestsellers, or Hot New Releases. Students can even search for particular textbooks based on ISBN number.

Prices of books at the iBooks Store are set by publishers, and most bestsellers come with price tags between $11.99 and $13.99. Shopping and purchasing of books can be done directly from the iPad as the device supports wireless downloads.

iBooks App vs Third-party iPad eReader Apps

Apple has elected to open the iPad to third-party eReader apps. In an addition to the iBooks App, consumers will find dozens of ebook read app (e.g. Kindle App, Kobo eReader App) on the iTunes App Store to choose from. Those who do not prefer the iBooks App can download a different ebook reader application.

The iPad as an eReader

Reading books is just one of the many things that the multi-functional iPad can do. As an eReader, it is best suited for casual and light readers. Compared to eInk ebook readers, the iPad has less battery life – just 10 hours while dedicated eReaders can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge.

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