The iPhone has brought a sea of change in the world of mobile phones or the cell phones. Prior to the advent of the iPhone the mobile phone was being considered only a device for telecommunication and nothing else. The iPhone because of its features is considered one of the pioneers of the smart phones. The range of functionality of the applications is just beyond imagination because iPhone App Developer around the world are busy developing applications for various functions. Some of the applications and related features are already present in the iPhone when you purchase it but one need not worry if not satisfied with those functions because there are many applications available on the internet that can add features to the iPhone device you have. If you are not fully aware of the concept of a universal mobile app, then I advise you to read this article “What is a Universal App?”. Everything is described very well here in real examples.

There is hardly any functionality left for which there is no application. There are various types of applications.

There are a number of applications for entertainment. There are applications for games to be played on the iPhone device. There are applications for playing music, audio and video. One can record the audio and video too. In the entertainment section the downloading rate of the games is the highest.

For those people that are constantly touring around the world there are applications pertaining to weather, as well as the global positioning system (GPS). The weather application gives the information about what the weather like in that location during that time of the year.

The iPhone allows the user to download applications that can be used in day to day life and of help in a personas occupation. Nowadays there are iPhone applications that help the doctor to treat the patient and monitor the improvement in the patient’s health too.

For those people who like reading books there are online libraries that have online iPhone applications. If you have the application for this downloaded on your iPhone, you can read the books as well. There are applications for ordering food dishes at the hotels and from those that offer catering services too. There are applications that can make the work of the iPhone Application Developer also quite easy. There iPhone applications for education of the school going kids too. These applications make the studies also quite easy.

Such is the range of the iPhone applications that most of the occupations can be assisted quite smartly. Before downloading any application from the online sources on the internet, one needs to first study its features and it functionalities. If the functionalities expected by the prospective buyer meet the features of the application, then and only then should the application be bought.

The application should be sourced from a reliable source. If the application is not got from the right source there are chances that you may download spy wares and viruses too and this can damage the iPhone.